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War of the Worlds - Orson Welles Mercury Theater on the Air
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Author:  lewis886 [ Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  War of the Worlds - Orson Welles Mercury Theater on the Air

i just went back and listened to this today. wow... such a phenomenally great show... nothing else really compares to it... especially when you try and put yourself in the position of one of the people who didn't know it was just a show... would have been so scary... and heck.. it's freaky enough without even doing that... just taking it as a radio show... it's still incredibly effective... and obviously the most famous radio program ever. caused a big panic from people who thought it was real. definitely go check it out if you never have. it's amazing. and i highly recommend watching the documentary made about it as well; the day that panicked america.

listen to the full original broadcast from archive.org
64kbps 25mb

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