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When Worlds Collide
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Author:  lewis886 [ Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  When Worlds Collide

I list this one under "space movies" because it sort of is one... and because there is no better place to put it. the vast majority of the film, admittedly, happens on the earth... but it is all about a rocket and planets, and the end of the film is in space and on another planet.... so i think it fits here :)

i really enjoy this movie... i thought richard derr was fantastic... as was barbara rush... and the premise is just wonderful... yeah... the premise may not be terribly scientifically sound... but it makes for a heck of a good movie... a rogue star and it's planet, are hurtling through our solar system, and are of course on a collision course with earth. the planet will pass first, close enough to cause massive tides and earthquakes, and then the star will hit the earth head on.

a group of scientists discover this and try to convince everyone else to put all the money into building rocketships to send people to the planet of the rogue star, so that humanity might have a chance of surviving there.... but at first no one listens... the scientists continue on their own... building their rocketship with the funds they can raise...

the movie is epic on a scale that few 1950's science fiction films are.... in fact, i haven't even seen many 1960's films that can compare to the epic scale and feel of this film...

there was a sequel novel to the original called "after worlds collide"... and george pal was planning on directing the sequel, but then his film "conquest of space" came out, flopped miserably, and that ended the plans... too bad... i would have loved to see it...

stephen sommers is planning on directing a big budget remake to come out in 2010. here's hoping he doesn't screw it up.

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