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 Post subject: Lost in Space
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 7:01 pm 
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ok.... so take the classic "swiss family robinson".... and set it in space... instead of a lost island... our robinson's get an alien planet. and... voila... we have the basis for "lost in space". it was originally supposed to be "space family robinson" but disney would have sued. oh well... this was a fun scifi show with a decent budget... it definitely did tend to go toward the absurd... but there's nothing wrong with a lighthearded show i guess. was definitely normal for irwin allen stuff. basically a family launches out in their ship, the Jupiter 2, to alpha centauri... a saboteur is on board accidentally when the ship blasts off... and the added weight throws them off course... and they are lost.... in space.... now... the biggest problem with this scenario is that alpha centauri is part of a trinary system that is the closest star system to ours, period.... and if you had too much weight, and got on the wrong course... you simply would not end up at other random stars... it's kind of like leaving for the next town and ending up in chicago instead... simply ludicrous... and with even the most BASIC fact checking, this could have been fixed.... but, of course it wasn't, which is why i'm talking about it... haha... i guess i'm a little harder on this series, because it had a lot more money than some others, and so it should have been easier to fix things like that before they got to the screen... in fact, i think there was a nasa consultant for the show in the beginning, thinking it was going to at least make an attempt at scientific accuracy... and after finding out what the show was going to be like, they quickly left their consulting position... oh well....

besides those few problems... the show really is a lot of fun... every kid wants to be will, and every teenage guy wanted to be major don west (both for his being a pilot of a spaceship AND for dating the gorgeous judy). there was the usual assortment of monsters, catastrophes, villains, and humor.... much of which came from Jonathan Harris as the somewhat-evil Dr. Zachary Smith. he alternated between bumbling attempts to sabotage things, and pangs of conscience in which he would turn back and help them... (though admittedly the 'pang' of conscience was normally simply a realization that doing away with the robinsons would lessen his chance for survival.)

overall a highly recommendable show... definitely fun and lighthearted... but still a decent budget... so you get some good spaceships, monsters, and sets... fun stuff....

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