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 Post subject: Firefly - an amazing scifi show
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:18 pm 
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i know this forum is all about classic scifi... but that doesn't mean we can't discuss newer scifi at all, and the 'off topic' section is the place to do it ;)

anyway... scifi is my favorite tv show ever... and that includes a lot of scifi shows... but for me, firefly tops them all. i didn't want to see it at all at first, because it was by joss whedon, the guy who did buffy the vampire slayer, and angel, and i didn't like either of those shows... but a friend let me borrow it, and i loved it. really one of the best shows i've ever seen. great cast of characters... great premise.... just fantastic...

the idea is that in the future, the earth became too polluted and overcrowded... and we set out and found a new solar system to inhabit, with many many planets and moons that they are terraforming and colonizing. the inner worlds are the more civilized ones, and the outer worlds are more the "frontier". it's got a very "wild west" feel to it.

there comes to be a rift between the inner civilized worlds with all the power, and the outer frontier worlds who don't get much support from the inner worlds and so don't think they should be controlled by them. a big civil war starts, which eventually leads to the frontier worlds losing.

the show starts after all of that, and the captain of the ship (Malcolm Reynolds) is a veteran of the war who fought for the losing frontier side. now he captains a freighter (a Firefly class ship named Serenity) which does a little bit of shipping, a little bit of smuggling, and little bit of running, etc... they take all kinds of jobs... legal and otherwise...

it's a bit like han solo and the millenium falcon in star wars (which was even part of the inspiration for it).

anyway, i highly recommend it. great show.

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